NEDC Business Meeting

Downtown Marriot

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Saturday, July 29, 2017 10:00 am – 11:00 am


I. Welcome & Introductions - Dave Tikker, WA

Chairman Dave Tikker welcomed the group and congratulated Marc Hunter on his women’s football team winning a second national championship.

II.. Secretary’s Report - Joni Pabst, AZ

A. Approval of the Minutes Nashville – Motion made by Marc Hunter, UT and seconded by Marty O’Hern, MO. Motion passed.

B. Update of Membership – Joni passed around the directory and asked everyone to update where needed or indicate that their information is okay.

IV. Business Development Report - Bruce Brown, OH

A. Corporate Sponsorship Update – Bruce gave an update of where we are currently. We have 5 Partners and 2 sponsors. Handout was given.

V. Treasurer’s Report - Fred Balsamo, CT

Fred gave handouts regarding the finances. Current balance is $63,396.60 with the 2017 Summit expenses yet to be paid. Fred explained the reserve account and why we do this. Motion made by George Lovich, MI to accept the report and seconded by Tracy Leinen, ID. Motion passed.

VI. Chairman’s Report - Dave Tikker. WA

Dave explained for the new EDs the duties of the officers and region representatives. The past few Summer Summit chairs will review the summit process and have a report ready for the December NEDC meeting in Phoenix at the NADC. Dave will have Bruce Bowen go to the sponsors for an assessment as well and we will send out an evaluation of this year’s summit for everyone to complete.

VII. Vice-Chairman Report - Mike Wagner, DE

No report

VIII. Past Chairman Report - Marc Hunter, UT

No report

IX. NIAAA Representative Report - Bruce Brown, OH

Bruce is deferring the report to Mike Blackburn and Phil Rison from the NIAAA

X. Regional Representative Reports

A. Region I - Hugh McReynolds, KY

No report

B. Region II - Greg Smith, WI

No report

C. Region III - Tracy Leinen, ID

No report

XI. Summit Sites - Dave Tikker, WA

A. Approved Site

1. 2018 – Saratoga - Alan Mallanda, NY

Alan handed out several brochures for everyone to take. He showed a great tourism video of the summit site hotel and area. He shared some activities that we will do together as a group. Everyone is looking forward to New York.

2. Canton, Ohio -Bruce Brown, OH

Bruce is working on hotel possibilities and will report to us in the future.

B. Proposed Sites

Jim Dorman, SD gave a proposal and handouts for the 2020 Summer Summit in Deadwood, SD. He showed us the resort and area which is very nice and affordable. More information coming. Motion to go to South Dakota in 2020 was made by Tracy Leinen, ID and seconded by Bruce Bowen, OH. Motion passed.

XII. Old Business Web Site- Fred Balsamo, CT

Fred will get the new website up and running soon. Logo will change to take out the outline of the states. Cost is $35.00 a year. He has a graphic designer who will help him. Site is nedc.usa

XIII. New Business – Dave Tikker shared with the group that the Executive Committee feels the POP Manual needs to be updated so that will be looked at and presented for a vote at the December 2017 NEDC meeting in Phoenix.

XIV. Adjournment – Marty Ryan, ME made a motion to adjourn the Business Meeting and was seconded by Mike Wagner, DE. Motion passed.

* Next NEDC Business meeting will be in Phoenix, AZ at the NIAAA AD Conference in Phoenix

Respectfully submitted by:

Joni Pabst, CAA, AZ

NEDC Secretary