Summer Meeting Host Forms and Process
NEDC Summer Summit

Host Site Information (Approved 12/16)

1. To Submit a “Future Summit Site Proposal” to NEDC Treasurer

a. Things to Consider:

- Location – Besides a few options for quality hotels there should be attractions nearby which you would want to include that highlight your site. Preliminary contact with several hotels should be made to see if the site is feasible. Once approved by the council the treasurer will take care of the final negotiations and sign the contract.

- Budget – The NEDC will budget funds to cover 3 modest priced breakfasts and 3 modest priced dinners. For all other functions, side trips, attractions, Jerseys, gifts, transportation off site, etc. the host state will need to secure local “event sponsors” and have their money in hand prior to the event. NEDC “Corporate Sponsors” (sponsorships that are contracted at the $5,000 annual level) have entitlements which typically provide some level of category exclusivity at NEDC events (Summer Summit, website). As such, potential Summer Summit “Event sponsors” that the host site may entertain should be cleared with the Director of Business Development to minimize conflicts of interest among sponsors. A contract can be provided by the development coordinator. Note: when an attraction takes us off site during a breakfast or dinner time slot the host can count on the NEDC budgeted funds for that meal to help defray the cost. It has been suggested that host states involve their state association, neighboring states or their section to help facilitate the budget.

Budget Formula & Summer Meeting Host Financial Protocol (Approved 7/15,Amended & Reapproved 12/16)

a. The contract with the hotel is negotiated and signed by the NEDC treasurer.

b. The NEDC Budget for hosting a summer meeting is estimated at $200 per state member financed via the NEDC sponsor funds plus the registration fee (currently $150 + $50 per guest/spouse) totaling $350 or $400 with a guest per state member.

c. All other expenses incurred should be raised by local sponsors of the host state unless the NEDC officers approve an additional request.

d. All checks from local sponsors should be mailed to the NEDC treasurer within 30 days of the event. (Checks should be made out to NEDC)

e. All registration checks shall collected by the host state and mailed in bulk to the NEDC treasurer within 14 days prior to the event. (Checks should be made out to NEDC)

f. All expenses for the event shall not exceed the budgeted amount set forth and will be paid by the NEDC treasurer at the conclusion of the event. (any deposits needed to secure space or function can paid in advance)

2. Pre- Summit Planning

a. Once approved by the council and all contracts signed the host state should begin working on a program schedule. Note: customarily we have approximately 9-10 workshops but there are 3 sharing sessions, an NEDC business meeting, an NIAAA session and an NFHS session. In addition, side events to attractions etc. should be scheduled as well.

b. At the December meeting a registration flyer should be developed in consultation with the treasurer and then distributed. ALL checks are will be made out to the NEDC and mailed directly to the treasurer. The treasurer will compile a spreadsheet and send it to the host periodically. After the December meeting the host should send out the flyer to all members including the NIAAA Executive Director and President, and the NFHS Executive Director periodically as well as all sponsors in concert with the development coordinator.

c. The treasurer will approve the final meal selections made by the host to insure they are in line with the budget and provide the hotel with the final meal counts.

d. The treasurer and the host will review each side event, attraction, gift, etc. to insure that adequate “event sponsor” funds were raised to cover the anticipated expenses and transportation. Should adequate funds not be available the program schedule will be adjusted and side events removed to accommodate the funds on hand. The NEDC treasury will not contribute in excess of the budgeted amount without authorization of the officers.

e. The Host must clear all “event sponsors” with the development coordinator to insure there are no conflicts with any NEDC Corporate sponsors,

f. The Host must collect all “event sponsor” funds and mail them to the Treasurer at least 30 days prior to the summit. Checks should be make out to NEDC.

g. Note: The treasurer will issue a refund to any NEDC member if requested at least 2 weeks prior to the Summit.

3. Hosting a Summit

a. Develop a final program and consult with the development coordinator to assign sponsor times to the program.

b. Arrange for all information regarding the site, airport transportation, meeting locations, weather conditions, etc. be properly distributed to all attending members.

c. Arrange to have a laptop and LCD projector at each session.

d. Introduce each session and keep everything running on time including off site events.